Vintner Select Dark Red Blend

I was very surprised by this wine, it was very good. And it kept very well, and for a long time. It was very good and for a great price. — a year ago


Vintner Select Pinot Grigio Colombard

Necessary to get through this quarantine — 2 years ago

Dana Lee
with Dana

Barboursville Vineyards

Virginia Chardonnay

Only wine I've liked. Obviously excludes slapping the bag of franzia. — 6 years ago


Cielo Rojo Mendoza Red Blend 2018

A bright refreshing wine, nothing pretentious. Notes of tour de Franzia and my first communion. Echoes of assumed sophistication on the foretaste with a strong finish of forgotten French class. Would defo drink again and think it was the first time. — 2 years ago

Jana Everett
with Jana
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World Classics Chablis Chardonnay

It’s so bitter but I kind of love it. — 5 years ago

Broc Cellars

Cassia Mendocino Grenache Rosé 2015

You can taste the gnarled hundred year old vine in this sensual smoked grapefruit pith beauty. Salinity reminds you why you went back to rose after that box of Franzia fueled your first drunken one night stand Freshman year. Mature, dry as hell and every bit the wine drinker you've become. — 6 years ago


Fruity Red Sangria

A nice fruity flavor wine that is great with a salad with sharp cheese to enjoy. This is an enjoyable wine by itself and is on the sweeter side. Great price! — 2 years ago

Union Wine Co.

Underwood Pinot Gris

Sweeter end of dry. Fruity taste is on the front, alcoholy aftertaste. Reminiscent of franZia (notable alcohol with strong artificial fruity taste) would go well with mild cheeses and meats — 3 years ago


Sunset Blush Rosé Blend

forever&always — 5 years ago

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Vintner Select Merlot

Wine on tap! — 7 years ago