Esk Valley

Esk Valley

Winemakers Reserve imblett Gravels Merlot Blend

Fun wine. A little bigger than expected, but juicy and nice richness. Solid value — a year ago

Domaine Labet

Cuvée du Hasard Côtes du Jura Chardonnay

Love this - oxidation and VA and battle axes - this is a fun wine. Perfect for dessert when sweet isn’t your thing. So fino-sherry esk! Need to find more — 4 years ago

Esk Valley

Gimblett Gravels Merlot Blend 2017

Fantastic, full bodied wine (and excellent with a bit of dark chocolate, which really brings out the plum). — 5 years ago

Esk Valley

The Terraces Malbec Blend 2016

Easy to drink. Quite fruity. No bad aftertaste. Nice smell. — 2 years ago

Esk Valley

Pinot Noir 2018

Purchased from Cambridge Wine Merchants. Absolutely delicious — 3 years ago

J.K. Carriere

Lucidité Willamette Valley Chardonnay 2015

Antoine Pin

Burgundy-esk nose with hay and honey dry tall grass. 100% mall. soft and yet long spicy oak finish. — 5 years ago

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Ron Zacapa

XO Solera Gran Reserva Especial

A cognac esk rum delectable — 5 years ago

Chestnut Oak Vineyard

Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Wow, after a day of air just became quite spectacular in its own right… As I say, east coast cab sauv is it’s own varietal taste and this one pops with fresh cherry and balanced structure. Almost Sangiovese-esk... totally worth the $20 discounted price.  — 3 years ago

Naked Mountain

Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2016

This is one of those top 20 Bargain VA wines, at $17 at Wegmans. N/M is old of the older operations in the state and they have a lot of Chardonnay planted. Their micro-climate yields tighter acidity coupled with the granite based soils makes for northern Burgundian-esk chards. The 3 pillars of Chard-Balance: FreshFruit, energized acid, and texture. It’s all here, just in a budget, non-reserve way. Still, better than most at twice the price. Great white for food throughout the winter months. Toasty caramelized Apple notes are to the point - finish is dominated by the barrel attributes. No worries, cream-based anything :) — 4 years ago

Esk Valley

Hawkes Bay Pinot Gris 2015

A toast to the last night in Fiji. A wonderful, richer styled Pinot Gris. A citrus and honeyed nose with a touch of peach leads to a rich palate of baked apple, peach, honey and a touch of oak balanced by bright acidity, wet stone and possibly a touch of RS. The finish is long a clean. A wonderful sipper. — 5 years ago

Kati Kiehl
with Kati
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