Eastern Peake

Eastern Peake

Pinot Taché On Lees Pinot Noir Rosé 2017

Definitely serious rosé. Almost stern, like it’s looking down its nose at us for expecting anything as frivolous as a crisp and lively Provençal rosé. It has weight and textures and is almost a bit much as an aperitif, but all makes sense when the food arrives. It paired well with baked salmon and could probably take on more serious dishes — I can see it working well with charcuterie on a spring afternoon. Good concentration and length. Interesting wine. — 8 days ago

Sam Marshmallow
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Bin 65 Bright Chardonnay 2019

Great wine. Easy to drink. — 12 days ago

Peake Ranch

Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir 2017

Smooth from the first sip. Let breathe ~10min. Good California Pinot. Paired well with steak & potatoes, not so much with bacon & blue cheese salad. $23 @wtso — 20 days ago

Dark Corner

Durif Shiraz

Really liked this one. Very dark fruity with enough of a tang but also it's got that cinnamon feel. Label says mocha... could have a bit of that too. — 6 days ago


Yakut Öküzgözü Boğazkere 2018

Cherry flavor, smooth, slightly acidic, and easy to drink. Found out our local Turkish market and the owner recommended this one based on my likes. Purchased for €5 and will buy it again on my next trip there. — 21 days ago

Jacob's Creek/Orlando

Classic Shiraz Cabernet

Surprisingly matched well with home made chicken curry and bread. — 21 days ago

Trackers Crossing

South Eastern Australia Cabernet Sauvignon

Great for $6–easily would buy at $16. Pairs well with pizza. — 8 days ago

Jacob's Creek/Orlando

Classic South Eastern Australia Sauvignon Blanc 2018

The 🍊 citrus and minerals herbal on palate all together contribute to this juicy summery yet truly lime and having a dry texture on palate a summery Sauvignon Blanc, crisp and clean
— 19 days ago

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)


A five dollar wine, but among my favorites—smooth, rich, and tasty. — 19 days ago


Crest Shiraz 2019

Good stuff. Gimme more of that. — 18 days ago