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Yagi Shuzoubu

Yamatan Masamune Junmai Tankan

Dry with long finish, rice forward is the best way I can describe it — 3 years ago

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Yamagata Masamune

Junmai Ginjo Sake

Really strong melon flavors. — 5 years ago

Yamagata Masamune

Junmai Dewa-San-San

Sake kills me — 6 years ago

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Taru Sake Barrel Wine

Chirp as the bottle is opened... simplicity cedarcity — 4 years ago

Sanko Masamune

Katsumasa Yamahai Pure Rice Omachi Genshu Sake

Line up from this evening’s tastings — a lesson in Omachist palette 🎨 of possibilities. — 5 years ago

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Scott Barber

Sake Drinker & friends...toru sake aged in cedar. Strong cedar nose but lighter and fresh on palate. Would be amazing with robata. — 7 years ago

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Junmai Taru Sake

Cedar wood, rosemary, and clove. Peppery and herbal. Moderate acidity. Taru means barrel... — 4 years ago

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Takashima Brewery

Hakuin Masamune Sake

Literary pure and smooth — 6 years ago

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Dry Sake

Really excellent for a futsushu. This is what I imagine banana and mushroom soup would taste like — 7 years ago