Vino di Tavola Dinavolo

Farty but light a nice farty start
Complex but not overwhelming. Sister wine of dinavolino
— 4 years ago


Dinavolo Vino Bianco

Low alcohol, easy to drink orange wine. Though you wouldn't necessarily know that by looking at it. Lovely rich gold color. — 7 years ago

Our Wine Vineyard

Akhoebi Rkatsiteli

Smooth and not as tannic as the Dinavolo, almost floral -- also acidic. No corn flavor. Simpler but perfect. — 5 years ago


Dinavolo Vino da Tavola White Blend

Christopher Losa

Singin'!!! — 7 years ago

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Vina da Tavola Ortrugo Blend 2006

This wine is damn real, surprisingly vertical and focused. That's wine making tradition. — 8 years ago


Dinavolo Vino da Tavola Sei

Fun, funky orange wine. Super delicious. Oxidation. Love it. — 6 years ago

Andrew Greenhalgh
with Andrew


Dinavolo Bianco Vino da Tavola Emilia-Romagna Malvasia di Candia Blend 2006

Grazie bello for bringing more orange wines in Cipro.
I thing the first and possibly the only wine store who has orange wines!!!
— 8 years ago

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