Denizli, Western Anatolia

Guney Platosu-Denizli

Arti Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2021

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Anfora Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

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Narince 2017

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Guney Platosu-Denizli

Plato Kalecik Karasi Red Blend

The extra months in wood give an extra acidity with deep tannins, coming through the glass, the mouth feel full with spice finish, a cigar light foam comming through — 5 years ago


Imperial Öküzgözü Blend 2014

Delicious and different. Powerful Öküzgözü with a heavy red-grape flavor and strong earthy nose. The best Öküzgözü I have had. Should be consumed with steak or lamb.
100% Öküzgözü in 2014.
— 9 months ago


R Red Blend 2013

À nice bordeaux style wine from a top producer in turkey — 5 years ago

Guney Platosu-Denizli

Anfora Series Merlot 2020

#turkishwine #turkishwines #wineofturkey #winesofturkey — a year ago


Syrah 2015

There’s a berry flavor there but I couldn’t figure it out. Kinda jammy with a Spicy finish. — 2 years ago