Cremaschi Furlotti

Familia Furlotti

Malbec 2017

Cocoa. Oak. Violets. — 7 days ago

Cremaschi Furlotti

Pajarito Valle Central Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Very smooth and easy to drink, with a lovely rich flavor. Not too tannic either. — 2 years ago

Cremaschi Furlotti

Single Vineyard Carménère 2015

Deep and earthy with classic Carmenere characteristics of black then green pepper more evident on the second and third days. Full to medium body. — 4 years ago

Cremaschi Furlotti

Penasco Single Vineyard Carménère 2015

Well balanced and tasty. Red fruit, black pepper, leather. Smokey. Very drinkable young. Great value! — 2 years ago


Reserve Maule Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Goes well with lemon and rosemary chicken and basil, rosemary, lemon cod. — 5 years ago

Cremaschi Furlotti

Reserva Pajarito Valle Central Chardonnay 2019

Very smooth and refreshing . Not bitter or too sweet. Has a hints of fruit. Goes well with chicken. — 2 years ago

Cremaschi Furlotti

Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Lovely garnet robe. Dark, fruity nose with black berries, mulberries, plumb and oak. Taste of mulberries and oak with light, well-balanced tannins and low acidity. Long, elegant finish. Very well balanced. Fantastic! — 5 years ago