Buil & Giné

Buil & Giné

Pleret Priorat Red Blend 2013

Jeremy Shanker

Decent pop and pour priorat but was hoping for more. It felt a little tired. — a month ago

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Buil & Giné

Baboix Montsant Blanc 2013

Complex and nice developed but not really exciting. — 6 years ago

Ferrer Bobet

Vinyes Velles Priorat Garnacha Carignan 2013

Drank this at Restaurant Amics at Buil & Gine Winery. Loved that they enthusiastically endorsed a wine made by a competitor. Love the comraderie in Priorat! — 7 years ago

Buil & Giné

Joan Gine Blanco Priorat 2017

Fun Priorat for tapas dinner. Slightly oxidized style with just a hint of sweetness to balance. Stay safe everyone. — 3 years ago

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Buil & Giné

Joan Giné Priorat Garnacha Blend 2013

A lot about Concentration. violets, black berries, aristocratic deep wine, but the problems with acidity and freshness. — 6 years ago

Buil & Giné

nosis blanc Rueda 2012

Tropical fruit, canned peaches, fruity but not sweet, clean finish, bright fruits but soft not acidic 2012 vintage served in 2017 — 7 years ago

Buil & Giné

Joan Giné Priorat Blanc Garnacha Blanc Blend 2017

Viognier added to this Grenache blanc added a nice touch. — 5 years ago

Buil & Giné

Rosat Priorat Rosé 2016

Fantastic. Unique, deeper than most, incredible . Lots of fruit in a subtle way...just a fantastic easy drinking rise with structure and heft. Wow wow wow — 6 years ago

Buil & Giné

Giné Giné Priorat Garnacha Blend 2015

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy. Made by actual blue nuns in sea caves protected by wild otters. Full bodied with a hint of wet sand. Great with LobsterThermidor, best drunk in the streets of Londons Covent Gardens... — 6 years ago

Nicole Newcomb
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