Bodega Septima

Bodega Septima

Mendoza Malbec 2022

Over the last two weeks probably had five or six of these. Busy few weeks. Always a very pleasing drink. #newhouse #septima — 2 months ago

Finca Flichman

Misterio Mendoza Malbec 2017

Sandy brought to our NYE party. Friends liked it better than our usual go-to, Septima. — 5 years ago

Bodega Septima

Mendoza Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Solid, deep, sweet, rich berries, velvety smooth, muted and medium bodied — 8 years ago

Bodega Septima

Los Pasos Mendoza Malbec 2014

Drinking wine and playing Gin at the hotel in El Calafate! — 8 years ago

Bodega Septima

Los Pasos Chardonnay Semillon 2021

Super easy to drink, fruity & mellow Chardonnay. Hope to drink again soon! — 6 months ago

Bodega Septima

Septima Obra Mendoza Malbec 2016

👁 Deep purple/ruby red, clear
👃 Top notes of plum, ripe red fruit, secondary notes of smoke, leather, tobacco, dried leaves
👅 Round and soft mouthfeel of lush purple fruits -plums, blueberry, cherry. Finishes with velvety tannins and hints of smoke and tobacco.
✍️ Extremely enjoyable on its own, or to compliment tomato-based pasta dishes, pizza or salted nuts.
— 7 years ago

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Bodega Septima

Septima Obra Pinot Noir 2022

As always Sepitma delivers. Still one of my favourites. Great taste #masterchefaustralia #semifinal #poordeclan — 5 months ago

Bodega Septima

Septima Obra Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

True to the 2014 bolds — 5 years ago

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Bodega Septima

Lote Especial Mendoza Malbec 2013

Oak taste to this deep rich red wine. Slightly less spicy than usual Malbec but a nice fruity spiced taste to it. Weighty bottle - very good birthday wine. — 7 years ago