Cecilia Beretta

Vino Spumante Rosé Blend

Rosé all day? F*** that... Rosé always! I confess: I'm a born hater of anything that gets trendy seemingly for the sake of it... and I soooo want to hate rosé. All the hipsters and millennials are losing their oeneophiliac sh*t over pink wine these days, and I'm gonna be the killjoy that says, "Oh yeah, well the motherf*n' French knew what was up with Rosé forever ago... like, since 2009? So stop acting like you New World millennial sh*ts discovered it because you ain't that cool...
Okay I will step off the soapbox long enough to tell you this is a yum-tastic, easy-drinking punchbowl of rosé goodness that you noob wine dweebs seem to love. I got mine at Trader Joe's, if you must know (I was in a hurry, couldn't get to the wine shop, don't judge)... anyhoo, if you spy this on a shelf near you, grab a couple bottles for your next picnic, and instagram the f*ck outta this pretty pink princess of bubbly. It's crisp, refreshing, and slightly tangy, like sweet tarts mixed with ripe peaches, and a hint of lychee on the finish. Never heard of lychee? We'll get on it and Wikipedia that sh*t because it's a fancy Japanese fruit you gotta try if you want to be all multicultural and stuff.
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— 3 years ago

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