Saarloos & Sons

Big Brother Grenache Noir 2013

I tried a new wine which was the 2013 Saarloos and Sons Big Brother Grenache Noir. Wine is like your real life family, some you love, some you tolerate and........well some you don't want to mention. The Big Brother Grenache Noir is like that distant cousin you just met that you wish was your sibling. Upon opening this up to breathe I was greeted with licorice and spice and to me a touch of earth. Once I drank it I was greeted with velvety touches of tobacco, pepper, dark cherries and well balanced acid and tannins. This wine lingered on the palate like a good family memory should. Not knowing what to expect I was very pleasantly surprised with this wine. It will be added to my wines for my family's gatherings and wine times. I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as I did. #saarloosandsons #windmillranch #losolivos #ballardcanyon #grenachenoir — 4 years ago