Mercer Canyons

Horse Heaven Hills Cabernet Sauvignon

Very mild fruity flavor and then a very strong pungent spicy and is followed by a sweet taste for the aftertaste and Grace kind of agrees. Too plain and overall weird tasting- and ugh it's a twist off cap why did I even buy this. Geace says it goes well with flaming hot Cheeto's 😂😂😂- (see photo)there is more concern for the cheetos right now. we just got back from a 8 mile bike ride and now are making sushi and I won first place on my poster presentation this weekend and Samia and Grace came and I got to hang out with the residents Alex James and others and The bays are in vegas so it's fun seeing photos!! Starting rotation with Dr Dejesus this week!! Shout of#ut to harika today! Let's she if she keeps posting wines!! — 4 years ago

Grace Bay
with Grace