Gallo Family Vineyards

Summer White Blend

April's theme is nostalgia. This wine evokes memories of hot summers on a deck or dock at a cabin. Pale straw yellow with a green rim. Thick and syrupy. Nose of red apple, motts apple sauce and very slight apple cider. Very slight floral notes poke through. Predominant apple on the palate but Bartlett pear makes an appearance mid palate. Needs a bit more acid to tame the sweetness. At only only 5.5%alc it would go down fast. The yummy mommy set would love this at summer play dates in the back yard. Pair with a vinaigrette pasta salad or light sandwiches. I wouldn't be ashamed to throw an ice cube in the glass. @momma_leslie #shpk #moms — 5 years ago

Leslie Pavan
with Leslie