Track Seven Brewing Co.

Left Eye Right Eye

Nice clean IPA for stage 7 of #amgentoc into Sacramento. Lots of beer areas this year and this was a nice finish. Clean with good hops polish. — 6 years ago

Bernardus Winery

Monterey County Chardonnay 2015

Stage 3 of #amgentoc heads along the Monterey Valley toward Laguna Secs. Beautiful day for a ride. A bit big and oaked for my taste but nice glossy finish. — 6 years ago

The Ojai Vineyard

California Rosé Blend 2016

Tasty rosé for #amgentoc stage 4 as it rolls through Ojai. Very dry with a beautiful color. Well done. — 7 years ago

Levi liked this

Michael David Winery

Freakshow Lodi Red Blend 2015

Lodi Red blend for stage 5 #amgentoc a bit fruit jam with a bit of earth. Not quite in balance for my taste but pleasant enough. Like to try some of their old vines. — 6 years ago

Madewest Brewing Co.


Stage 2 of #amgentoc heads out of Ventura up Gibralta road. Nice crisp IPA. — 6 years ago

Beachwood Brewing

Foam Top Blonde Ale

Stage 1 of #amgentoc heads out of Long Beach. We have this light local blonde. — 6 years ago

Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co.

French Pils Farmhouse Ale

Crisp saison for stage 6 of #amgentoc great with Vietnamese spring rolls. — 6 years ago

Bison Brewing

Organic Chocolate Stout

Hearty stout for the time trial stage 4 #amgentoc out of San Jose. Nutty with a hint of chocolate. Nicer for a cool winter eve but tasty on a beautiful day like today. — 6 years ago

Claremont Craft Ales

Baseline Double IPA with lemon peel

For stage 6 of #amgentoc watching the Big Bear time trial. Nice malty ipa. — 7 years ago

The Libertine Brewing Company

Libertine Saison

The Get Pitted, peach wild ale for #amgentoc stage 3 as it rolls through Morro Bay. Bright sour with a hit of salty peach. — 7 years ago