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V Vergara Italy Pinot Grigio

Nine dollar wine and it's amazing! — 9 years ago

Josh Cellars

Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Hey, you like wine? Cool. Me too. You should try this one. It's delightfully smooth up front and ever so slightly spicy & dry towards the end. It's like if Benedict Cumberbatch and Sofia
Vergara had a rap battle officiated by Marlon Brando (as Don Vito) about the origins of the California wine industry and you had a front row seat. Yeah.
— 8 years ago

Brian Checket
with Brian
Brian Checket

Brian Checket

Had the other vintages. Still the same. And still don't know why they don't call him Joe.

Château de Ségriès

Tavel Grenache Blend Rosé 2012

I'm sure this had lees exposure. Smells like cookies with sweet mixed red berry sandwiched in the middle. If this were a person it would be Siphia Vergara! Curvy! — 9 years ago

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