Uli Metzger

Wein-Erbhof Stein

Ohne Riesling 2014

Whoa... very interesting wine from Uli. Tangerine character came out after open for a day; I need more. — 4 years ago


Bates Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2001

Great cab, really amazing taste! @Uli Klumpp place, last night of the Fall-2016-Hiking-Tour.
Love it !!!
— 5 years ago

Uli Klumpp
with Uli
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Uli Metzger

vom Kalkstein Spätburgunder 2018

Leckerer, heller, trotzdem kräftiger Rotwein. — 6 months ago

Uli Metzger

Wechselspiel Scheurebe Riesling 2017

Wow. A lot of wine for the money! Not super complex, but a touch of sweetness balanced by lush acidity; very very drinkable! — 3 years ago

Uli Metzger

Kalkmergel Riesling trocken

Well, Rock Opera season has started once again. Expect lots of postings of my fantastic volunteers with cheap wine. — 5 years ago

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Redvieh 2018

Smelled a bit funny but tasted not funny but great. — 8 months ago

Uli Metzger

Sonnenberg trocken Riesling 2015

Prima, aber im Vergleich zu Dollt oder Faubel oder Hexamer nicht ganz so rieslingtypisch, sondern eher rustikaler. — 3 years ago

Uli Metzger

Riesling halbtrocken

Liter! Pears, floral, and more of my awesome neighbors. — 4 years ago

Amy Hadjian
with Amy
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