Wild Arc Farm

Piquette Traminette 2021

We got the red but oh well this is the brand/wine. What can I say but this kombucha is quite good. The is one of the best kombuchas i’ve had. This kombucha in fact disguises itself as wine variant piquette but it certainly is not fooling me. — 8 months ago

Wild Arc Farm

Luca Hudson River Traminette

Bought online. Drank at the cabin November 2019. Very tart, similar to a sour beer. I like it but I’m waiting to see how it opens up. — 4 years ago

Ducard Vineyards

Cuvée 719 Traminette Chardonnay 2016

So crisp and floral. Stands up well to flavorful food. — 6 years ago

Wild Arc Farm

Bi Sekt Riesling Traminette 2018

Excellent magnum, fun to share! Good amount of barnyard and acrid, cat piss nose balanced out with a soft bubble and medium acidity. A little tight. A close, sparkling cousin to their Luca (Traminette). — 3 years ago

Josh Smith
with Josh

Allegro Vineyards

Riesling Traminette 2016

Bought at Allegro Winery, PA, 2/18, $19. 71% Riesling, 29% Traminette. The addition of the Traminette adds complexity and depth to the Riesling. Nice apple flavors, not too sweet. — 6 years ago

Fox Run Vineyards

Finger Lakes Traminette 2017

Nice crisp summer wine with signature Finger Lakes hints of grapefruit, honeysuckle, and orange. Not dry. Would get again. — 4 years ago

Bet the Farm Winery

Finger Lakes Traminette 2015

Fascinating gewurtz hybrid - aromatic and lively, off dry - delicious — 6 years ago

David Barker
with David



At the vineyard in the atrium. Crisp melon upfront with a quick tart burst at the end. — 6 years ago