Teranino Red

Special Wine. This Teranino is a sweet dessert wine from Dalmatia. Hints of berries, cinnamon, spicy, called “wine for ladies” by the locals. Special experience from an emerging wine region. Autoctone. — 3 months ago


The Game Cuvée Rouge Red Blend

It’s an excellent Istrian blend of five common varietals (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Terrano) from a great wine maker, rich in taste and flavour, reasonably priced. Try it if you get the chance. — a year ago

El Terrano


A great bargain from Trader Joe’s. Lots of black currant, blackberry, and dark plum fruit. A little barnyard funk makes it interesting. Acidity is medium strong and a little hot. Not strongly tannic, though. — a year ago

Edi Kante

Rosso Venezia Giulia Terrano Blend 2014

Delicious, cranberry/cherry, tart fruit, with a little zip, love this by itself or appetizers, light fare, very versatile. — 3 months ago

Castello di Rubbia

Carso-Kras Terrano 2013

easy drinking and balanced cherry driven wine. has good depth - almost like the viscosity and mouthfeel of cabernet sauvignon with the flavor profile of an earthy and soulful cherry pinot. from verve wines in nyc — 6 months ago

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El Terrano

Albariño 2016

Reminds me of a Pinot group meets the appleness of the Chardonnay — a year ago

LeAnn Pardo
with LeAnn

El Terrano

Rosado 2017

Bordering on unrespectable fun but just fun fruity limey dry but ripe and a lil bit...raspberry jam without being sweet. Funtime party time excellent — 4 months ago

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Teran Carso Terrano

Skerk part 2 👅 — 8 months ago

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Marijan Arman

Rezerva Teran Refosco 2012

I adore Arman’s terrano in all versions, rezrva included. Rich in smell and flavour, elegant but powerful wine. Sincerely recommend. — a year ago


Teran Venezie Giulia Terrano 2015

Oliver McCrum tasting. That was a nice surprise. Very smooth. — 2 years ago