Rosu de Purcari 2015

plum, blackberry, black cherry, chocolate, light herbs, a little pencil lead.

— 6 days ago

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Sauvignon de Purcari Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Fantastic sauvignon blanc from Moldova!
Great value for the money
— 8 months ago


Vinohora Ediţie Limitată Feteasca Neagră Montepulciano 2017

モルドバ ヴィノホラ
品種:フェテアスカ ネアグラとモンテプルチャーノ
— a year ago


Freedom Blend Editie Limitata Bastardo Blend 2015

Smooth, fruity, quite interesting. I think it is more of a Bordeaux style wine. — 2 years ago

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Negru de Purcari

White wine made over the black sea? Actually really good, I drank at room temperature. It would do better at 55 to 62 F. This wine makes me wonder if there are good whites from other regions like sochi and russia..who knows. I paid 15 bucks from a local store. Great buy. — 25 days ago


Pinot Grigio

Light and refreshing. A little citrusy — 2 years ago


Alb de Purcari Chardonnay Blend 2015

50% of lovely earthly tasting chardonnay, 30% of honey notes of punot gris, 20% of flowery freshnedz of pinot blanc, with a light oak finish. Very tast. — 5 months ago

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Purcari Estate Merlot Blend Rosé 2018

Nice and fruity. I recommand — 8 months ago

Château Purcari

Maluri de Prut Editie Limitata Fetească Neagră Rară Neagră 2015

Very good forgiving table wine. No body would dislike this, but of course if you are a friend of everyone, you are not really special.

The rare combination of rara and feteasca neagra and the amazing simple friendliness does the job for me.
I have struggled with expensive wines from big houses, thinking it might not be the year. No headaches like that with this wine. Honest and enjoyable.
— a year ago