Duplin Winery

Hatteras Red Sweet Muscadine

Beautiful light red color with a burst of fresh berries that hit the nose. This light bodied wine hits the palate with plentiful sweetness and flowery almost soap-like flavor — 2 months ago

Oliver Winery

Soft Red Lime

Sweet - reminds me of a muscadine — 5 months ago

Liberty Vineyards Winery

Lake Erie Marquette

Absolutely amazing! An easy please for dry and sweet drinkers alike! Reminds me of muscadine grapes from the south! — 9 months ago

Lakeridge Winery

Lakeridge Sunblush Muscadine

One of my favorite wines to drink. Perfect after work to relax and unwind. — 2 months ago

Post Familie Vineyards


Very sweet, I love it. — 5 months ago

Anne Amie

Cuvée A Amrita Willamette Valley White Blend 2015

Very nice, and not sweet. Hint of fruit (muscadine & tangerine) and vouvrey subtle bubbles. Very enjoyable. — 5 months ago

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Duplin Winery

Bald Head Red Muscadine

Well well well what in the bargain wine do we have here! I picked this up because it fits in the budget and meets a pretty good alcohol percentage for a single mom! A whole 8 bucks! Surprisingly this is absolutely delicious! Def a sweet red like I adore and I love the heavy lingering taste! If you’re looking for a sweet red with a nice buzz here’s your girl! They call her bald head red! — a year ago

Lakeridge Winery

Chablis Muscadine

Another delicious Lakeridge wine! — 2 months ago

San Sebastian

Vintners Red Premium Muscadine

Delicious sweet red muscadine! Great after dinner, on its own or with appetizers. Feels like my own adult grape juice. — 5 months ago


Flowers Vinho Fino Branco Demi-Sec Aromático Serra Gaúcha Moscato Malvasia Gewurztraminer


Refreshing, sweet, light, almost muscadine summer wine that pairs particularly well with cheese. Kept well in a hot apartment. — 7 months ago