Montiron Pula Istria Malvasia

Fresh, Easy with good structure — 4 years ago

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Kontozisis Vineyards

Sun 2018

Delicious! So happy to have tried it!!! — 9 months ago

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Medea Wine

Punta Greca Merlot 2011

2011 is still overwhelmingly fizzeling with incredible freshness and strength! That famous merlot's sweet charm is still there, but this wine is far more than just being lovely. Gorgeous velvety tanins dance with acids so harmoniously, on a large podium of ripe red plums and dark cherries, and all decorated with black soft olives and bay leaflets. Vanilla, tobacco and other "oak" signs are submissed to the original aromas, and they play only a role in the overall empowerment of flavours. Excellent! — 2 years ago