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Charm Dry Sparkling Mead

Brilliant stuff. Earthy but clean floral and honey aromas, and then the palate is a perfect balance of tartness, an almost imperceptible sweetness (though this seems basically dry), great volume, and a long resonant finish. Don’t write off mead till you’ve tried a selection from these guys. — 2 months ago

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'S' Blanc de Blancs Le Mesnil Brut Chardonnay

Super concentrated notes of mead with some forward flowery (elderflower?) notes. A slight acidity on the finish to balance the sweetness. Tastes like a fine bubble sparkling yquem. Good time to drink but could have cellared for a few more years — 6 months ago

Luyton Michéle

Hermitage White Blend 2017

A very atypical vintage of this wine. Really almost no fruit.

Very Petrolly. Dense. Mineral. More like rich gutedel. Great texture. A hint of apricot if you think about it. Maybe some mead. Good vivacity. Almost a hint of oxidation like in a Jura wine.

Very interesting geek wine. You get a very mineral wine with depth but almost no fruit. Not sure I’ve ever had a wine Iike this.

Would be amazing with chicken in model cream sauce.

Bought from fass selections
— 7 months ago

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Lyle Fass

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Sounds closed

Oliver Winery

Camelot Mead Honey Wine

Amazing mead. 4/30/22 at the winery — 2 months ago


Le Mole Malvasia 2025

This tastes like you woke up on the beach at the Manakea expecting a mimosa but getting a delicious guava kombucha. Floral guava juice but dry and mead-y. Slightly effervescent. — 6 months ago

New World

Camelot Mead Honey Wine

Can definitely taste the honey — 7 months ago


Mead Ranch Zinfandel 2018

beautiful, peppery, classic. — 9 months ago

White Winter

Dry Mead


1-22 Hyvee Sale Cart $2.99 — 4 months ago


Qvevris Rkatsiteli 2020

Was guided towards this by a very helpful staff member at Majestic Wine. I wanted a more unusual wine region and this met the criteria. I was intrigued by the ancient wine making technique using clay amphora buried in the ground, rather than oak barrels.

Known as an Orange wine, it certainly holds a beautiful honey colour when it sits in the glass, very similar to Mead.

Unable to pick out much on smell other than 'watery fruit'.

First sip was a shock- it was extremely gentle with no alcoholic hit. We had to check the bottle to ensure it wasn't a non-alcoholic wine. It is very smooth for 12.5%. There is a slight soft pear taste to the wine which was very refreshing. The tasting notes said Apricot but I couldn't pick up on it.
— 6 months ago

Château Guiraud

Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend 2003

Mary H

Aromas of mead, papaya, passionfruit. Stewed peaches and honey syrup. Delicious Sauternes, great with cake and pumpkin pie! — 7 months ago

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