Maestri Cantinieri


Cantinieri Sparkling Blood Orange

Delightful, and kid-friendly — a year ago

Chianti Trambusti

Maestri Chianti Sangiovese Blend

Good body, deep color, with a fruitier nose than some other Chianti. Very good with food. — 5 years ago

Fattoria Paradiso

Maestri di Vigna Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore

Delicious spicy Sangiovese. Tasted great with the antipasti misto — 10 years ago

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Cantinieri Dolce Sekt White Blend

中崎町10番イタリア辛口 — 3 years ago

Trentham Estate

La Famiglia Maestri Frizzante Red Blend 2014

Sweet like a grape soda. Love it. — 6 years ago

Bodega Don Bosco

Reserva Maestri Mendoza Lambrusco 2011

Violet, dried prune and dark chocolate on the nose. Sweet raspberries on the palate with soft tannins — 7 years ago

Azienda Agricola Crocizia

Marc' Aurelio Lambrusco Maestri 2017

tastes like salty licorice and spanish peanuts. woah. — 4 years ago

Maestri Cantinieri


A true Chianti. Bold and solid. — 7 years ago

Tempus Two

Copper Series Maestri Lambrusco

I have finally found my favourite Moscato... So refreshing and really enjoyable to drink! Recommend drinking with strawberry desserts! — 8 years ago