La Sorga


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Orange with a little Kombucha Vera nice and crowd pleasing — 11 days ago

Anthony Tortul

La Sorga Brutal!!! Duras Braucol

Bay leaf, tapenade, raw meat on the nose.

Quite fruity, on the palate, leathery, high in acidity. With a kick o tannins.

At first a slight fizz, let it decant for an hour, and it's gone.

50% carignan 50% mourvedre,
goes very beautifully together.

Imagining it being great for barbeque,
but loving it on its own.
— 9 months ago

Diana Eftimie
with Diana

La Sorga

Cuvée à Freux Grenache Blanc Marsanne

Turns out he’s still really good at wine old Antony. Muscular and taut. — a year ago

Lulu Doyle
with Lulu

La Sorga

Rancio Deuxieme Mise Grenache Noir

Strange and incredible. — 5 months ago

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La Sorga

Aubunite Carcassonne Aubun Carignan

A trip to funky town in a bottle, sparkling Lambrusco gone mad. Hard to tell the faults from the finesse, but halfway through the bottle you ask for a second one. Definitely chill before opening, this is Sparkling Carignan done right. — 6 months ago

La Sorga

Brutal Duras Braucol

Some in this party say maple nose, hazelnut finish. I say delicious. @Erin Weinstein @Douglas Weinstein you are still missed. — a year ago

stephanie culbersonAndy StrandAdam Tope
with stephanie, Andy and 2 others
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Erin Weinstein

Erin Weinstein

We miss you guys too! Looks like so much fun!!!

La Sorga

Ginnungagap Languedoc Colombard

Acid attack, but not much on the decay sustain release (for you synthesiser fans...) — 6 months ago

Lulu Doyle
with Lulu
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La Sorga

PNR Rosé Blend 2017

Christopher Losa

fun and funky pet nat. strawberry fruit and hay. cool juice. — a year ago

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La Sorga

Into The Wine White Blend

Amphora aged 5 months — a year ago