La Crescent

Grant Burge

The Holy Trinity Barossa Grenache Blend 2003

Delightful wine with a Reuben crescent bake. — 11 days ago

Bonnie Hodur
with Bonnie

Co Cellars

Electric Mayhem La Crescent Grapes

Apricot baking spices — 3 months ago

Pinard & Filles

Frangine La Crescent

Black tea, orange peel, bright berries. Tart and dry. — a year ago

Indian Island Winery

La Crescent Semi - Sweet White Blend

Tasty wine. Very nice location. Buy again! — a year ago


Tectonic La Crescent 2018

Very savory with a hit of acid that went great with the sweet potato/lamb/mushroom/yogurt/quick pickle bowl I made for dinner. Would probably be a little too extra for me without food. Very unique. — a month ago

Wild Mountain Winery

Minnesota La Crescent

Active balanced white wine! — 2 months ago


Figure 2 Pet-Nat La Crescent 2018

2018 Iapetus Figure 2 Pet-Nat. 100% La Crescent. Ripe nose of apricots, peaches, and strawberries. Fairly textured flavors of the same. Fun wine with dinner — a year ago

Punta Crena

Vigneto Ca da Rena Riviera Ligure di Ponente Pigato 2018

Just had to try this delicious wine again. From Liguria on a long crescent-shaped sliver of mountainous coastline ranging from the French border in the west to that of Tuscany in the east. Pale lemon with pronounced aromas of stone and tropical fruits, spending 4 months on its lees. On the palate flavors of apple, melon and citrus zest, crisp with lively vibrant acidity and mineral notes. Medium+ finish ending with a spicy flinty character. Nice! — a month ago

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La Garagista

Damejeanne Vermont rouge 2018

Another super interesting wine by Deirdre Heikin. This blend is 90% Marquette and 10% La Crescent. Two northern american grape variety and the wine shows that non vitis vinifera varieties can make very good wine. The nose is a bit foxy at first, and the taste is then very interesting, good acidity level, slightly sour, notes of herbs and berries but still very round. This profiles definitely reminds me of alpine wines such as Mondeuse or even l’Etraire de la Dui, although these are vitis vinifera.

Sign of a real good wine: this bottle only got better on day 2 and 3...

Great job by pionneer La Garagista!
— 5 months ago