Kontokosta Winery

Kontokosta Winery

Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Bae and I went to Kontakosta Vineyard when we stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast beach house minutes within walking distance of the place.

We visited three vineyards, and this one tucked away at the very edge of a large lawn leading up to the shoreline had expansive views of the Atlantic. Just a memorable, scenic experience smacking of adventure, tranquility, and wonderful wine.

Had saved this for a year and the vintage is 2018, so it’s right at the recommended two year mark for Sauvignon Blanc.

Soon as I popped open the bottle, the fragrance just wafted into the air — strong Meyer lemons, grapefruit zest, pine resin, and a woodsy appeal.

Lemon peel open up to a flowery sweetness, pine, and a slight buttery mouthfeel.

Reading into it, I’m getting a honey quality that texturizes and coats every sip.

Cannot wait to go back to make new memories and pick up the other bottles in their lineup.
— 9 months ago

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Kontokosta Winery

Merlot 2014

First and only 100% of the North Fork I enjoyed. — 4 years ago

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Kontokosta Winery

Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Best cab sav in a region known for Merlot and franc. Delicious — 5 years ago

Rhonda Nigido
with Rhonda

Kontokosta Winery

Blum Merlot 2014

Father’s Day wine. Delicious! — 2 years ago

Eminence Road Farm Winery

Seneca Lake Pinot Noir 2015

Reminds me of some of the better kontokosta (very fancy LI vineyard) vintages. Great stuff. — 2 years ago

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Kontokosta Winery

North Fork Riesling

Bought bottles in north fork — 5 years ago

Kontokosta Winery

Viognier 2014

Shocked it it's a local LI wine! Lol! — 6 years ago

Kontokosta Winery

North Fork Red Blend

Good but do not carry in NY! — 2 years ago

Kontokosta Winery

North Fork Rosé Blend

Green strawberries and north fork spring air. — 4 years ago