Komagatake Brewery

Hombo Shuzo Co.

Komagatake Nature of Shinshu Rindo Single Malt Japanese Whisky

@ Mizunara again Whisper of peat — 2 years ago

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Hombo Shuzo Co.

The Revival "Komagatake" Single Malt Japanese Whisky

Really light nose, berries. Really hints at the Rosé barrels.

Palette is fresh with berries and a very smooth taste.
— 3 years ago

Hombo Shuzo Co.

"Komagatake" American White Oak Single Malt Japanese Whisky

Stumbled upon a nice whiskey bar in Tokyo. Complex, smoky flavors that opened up nicely with a few drops of water. — 5 years ago

Mircea Dincă
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Mircea Dincă

Mircea Dincă

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Hombo Shuzo Co.

Komagatake Single Malt Natural Cask Strength 2014

Medium peat. 59% alc v/v. (from Wine & Highball bar in Kyoto). — 2 years ago

Mars Distillery

Single Cask Komagatake Japanese Whisky

Rich mouthfeel. Warm aromas and flavors of cherry, dried red fruits, pomegranate, blueberry, vanilla, spice, and fruit tart. Medium tannins. Long finish. — 4 years ago

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Mars Distillery

Aged 3 Years Komagatake Single Cask Japanese Whisky

Powerful yet silky. Maple and toasted almonds — 5 years ago

Mars Distillery

Single Cask Komagatake Japanese Whisky Kohiganzakura

Mars Komagatake, Single malt. Nature of Shinshu – Kuhiganzakura. Nice balance, little peat in the background. Cask strength- good with a dash of water — 3 years ago

Shinshu Mars Distillery

"Komagatake" Aged 24 Years Single Malt Bourbon Barrel Japanese Whisky

Gorgeous tawny color. Aromas of nail varnish, cherry liquor, vanilla bean, coconut, hazelnut, brandy, quince, and dried fig. Mouthfeel is voluptuous. Flavors echo the nose plus additional smoky notes, cherry pie, and subtle ginger, coriander, and licorice spices. Long, unctuous finish. Wonderful 24 year expression from Mars! — 4 years ago