Freiberg Tokay d'Alsace 1971

50 years old. Terrifying degraded cork at the outer surface, but clean after a 1/4 inch and did its job for 5 decades. Expected degree of oxidation. Almonds, marzipan, and baking spice. Medium weight. Good acid. This was a treat, even if the guests of honor liked it more for sentimental reasons. — 3 years ago


Kirchberg de Barr Alsace Grand Cru AOC Riesling

2013. Bought from vineyard in Alsace France on Rhine river Gris. Grand cru is a little sweeter than regular. — 7 years ago


Kirchberg de Barr Alsace Grand Cru AOC Pinot Gris

Had over the holidays after snagging a bottle at the winery. Love the dryness. — 8 years ago

Kate ElaineJeremy Cook
with Kate and Jeremy


Kirchberg de Barr Clos Zisser Alsace Grand Cru AOC Gewürztraminer

What a fabulous wine! Wonderful nose - floral, honeysuckle, and obvious hints of a delicious wine. Rich, delta ghtful and highly recommended! — 6 years ago


Cuvée Louis Klipfel Riesling 2012

Not bad, reminded me of New Zealand Riesling. It had a hint of Gewürztraminer — 8 years ago

Andrée Klipfel

Vin d'Alsace Riesling

You can’t go wrong with this lovely drop. — 6 years ago

Domaine Klipfel

Hospices de Strasbourg Riesling 2011

Brought home from study abroad in 2012. This 2011 vintage was one of the best wines I had tasted at that time. Refreshing. — 6 years ago


Crémant d'Alsace Brut White Blend

Great sparkling. Noted of Apple. Only slightly sweet. — 8 years ago


Clos Zisser Alsace Grand Cru Gewürztraminer 1995

Crazy complex and tasty. Favorite gewurtz ever! — 8 years ago

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