Isastegi Sagardotegia

Arratzain Sagardotegia

Arratzain Sidra Natural Ekologikoa 2019

Some fun post-work bottles with a dear friend, in the wine trades. No formal notes. — 7 months ago

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Isastegi Sagardotegia

Sagardo Naturala Apple Cider

Tried this cider 6 years ago!! Loved it then and love it now!! — 7 months ago

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Astigarragako Sagardoa Basque Cider

Way cloudier than the Isastegi. Tastes like a giant cold bottle of refreshing cheese rind. — 8 years ago

Sara Dempsey
with Sara
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James Elliott

James Elliott

Man I said wait.
Sarah Elliott

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Sara Dempsey

Sara Dempsey

Next time will take perfect snax to accompany.

Urbitarte Sagardotegia


Interesting sour cider from the Basque. Green apples & prominent green olives - Like drinking the juice out of a green olive jar. Tangy and nicely fermented. — 5 years ago

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