Marca Trevigiana Frizzante Glera 2018

Not sure I really want to call this Prosecco. I mean, yes it is Gera, and it’s Italian, and it even has bubbles but...they are the tiniest, most delicate bubbles - it’s almost frothy. And it is clean and full of lemon pith, minerality, the teeniest bit of orange cream, and is just not what I have come to know from Prosecco. It is a Rosenthal wine tho, so that explains a lot. This is fun. — 12 days ago


Organic Treviso Prosecco Glera

Kroger. Great for mo mos. — a month ago

Luna d'Or

Treviso Prosecco

Great prosecco! Under $10 at Total Wine. Buy again list! — 2 months ago


Col Fondo Glera 2015

Masala y Maiz — 10 days ago


Zero Sugar Sparkling Glera

Very dry bubbly wine. Great for pools or beaches — a month ago


Extra Dry Treviso Prosecco

Mycket brabprosecco med inslag av blommor — 2 months ago

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Pensieri Passito Glera dei Colli Trevigiani

Purchased at winery in 2017. Enjoyed June 2018 w/ Jack D, KK, J2. Yum!!! Beautiful Passito. — 3 months ago


Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superiore Glera

This is my favorite bubbly of all time! Light, crisp and fresh with notes of peach, pear and honey suckle. Much more floral than others with a great minerality and a small, persistent bubble. — 2 months ago

Indigenous Selections

Prosecco Brut 2018

Chalk and mineral notes abound. Very dry. — 2 months ago

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