Gerd Stepp

Gerd Anselmann

Kabinett Pfalz Riesling 2017

Paired well with Tom Kha Gai. — 4 days ago

Stepp & Gaul

Riesling *S* 2018

Inti C

2018 vintage. Unique Riesling without too sweet - good wine for Saturday night! — a year ago

Gerd Stepp

*Limestone* Pinot Blanc 2016

This refreshing Pinot Blanc is crisp and tart like a dry Riesling, but slightly rounder and fuller of body. The flavors are honeysuckle, lemon, and pear,, with some chalky tannins.
— 3 years ago

Gerd Anselmann

Spätlese Pfalz Riesling

Very nice, mid sweetness spatlese. Strong Apple with a hint of citrus. — 4 years ago

Gerd Anselmann

Pfalz Trocken Riesling

2018 is medium yellow, bright on the nose. Taste of unripe peach and mango. Medium body and very clean finish but not minerality. Not sweet, medium acidity. — 3 months ago

Weingut Gerd-Peter Feit

Andreas Mosel Kerner 2010

Toller Feinherber Kerner!!! — 4 years ago

J. Lohr

Flume Crossing Sauvignon Blanc

Good. Would get again.
With Michelle & Gerd
— 5 months ago

Stepp & Gaul

Trocken Riesling 2017

Nice crisp Riesling with a good minerality and some nice stone fruit/citrus. Enjoyable and more on the dry side — 2 years ago

Gerd Anselmann

Pfalz Dornfelder 2015

Smooth, paired well with spaghetti nice balance — 3 years ago