Domaine Pacory

Domaine Pacory

L'idéal Poiré Domfront

— 5 years ago

Domaine Pacory

Calvados Domfrontais Pear

Doug Burress

100% pear! An exclusive here at K & L. Delicious fruited brandy. If you like Calvados at all, this is a must try. Did I mention that it is all pear? — 7 years ago

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Frédéric et Catherine Pacory

Le Costaud Cidre

Godaste cidern jag smakat, ren o fräsch. — 8 years ago

Domaine Pacory

Poire Domfront Calvados Domfrontais Pear

Thanks Emmanuel Ringo — 11 years ago

Cate Meng Zhang
with Cate
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