Domaine Les Bastides

Domaine Les Bastides

Valeria Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence Red Blend 2013

Excellent French wine. Smooth and a bit dry but other worldly. — 4 months ago

Joanna Clark
with Joanna


Les Grandes Bastides Vacqueyras Red Rhone Blend 2001

Andrew Whittle

2001 vintage - was worried I had left this too long but it is travelling well - nice and rounded in every way! — 6 years ago

Domaine Les Bastides

Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence 2007

Carole Salen met her in July 2011 with Claude, Jocelyne et Christian. with Claude a Kairon — 9 years ago

Les Grandes Bastides d'Alquier

Faugères Red Blend 2011

"The population of Faugéres appelation is 3000...and the wine production is still under 100000 liters. That's less than 330 liters per person, which, at a litre a day, doesn't leave much room for exports. Still, you can occasionally find the reds washed up on distant shores...the red has the bony structure of vin de garde beneath a costume of sunmer fruit that flutters charmingly in its own endogenous breezes." R. Scruton — 9 months ago

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Domaine Les Bastides

Vin Cuit Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence Rosé Grenache

フランスで作り手が3人しかいないとか。食用の Muscat of Alexandriaを煮込んだもの。 — 7 years ago

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Cave de Labastide de Lévis

Grande Réserves Des Bastides Gaillac White Blend 2017

Interesting, with small bubbles. Really dry white wine, good for fish. Inexpensive. — 3 years ago

Jean-Michel Alquier

Les Bastides d'Alquier Faugères Red Rhone Blend 2010

Jean-Michel Alquier's superb 2010- wonderful tonight w coq au vin — 5 years ago