Cave Des Producteurs De Vins Du Valais

Cave des Producteurs des Grands Vins de Fleurie

Fleurie Gamay 2020

Supple and smooth but with enough body for some meat — a year ago

Cave des Producteurs de Vins du Valais

Vieux Murets Valais Johannisberg

Surprisingly tasty. Perfect for a warm spring day. — 8 years ago

Cave St. Pierre

Sion Fendant

Un peu gras. Légèrement salée plutôt agréable. Jolie bouquet avec notes dominante de rubarbe. Un bel équilibre gras/acidité. Très minéral. Dommage les vins suisse sont trop cher — 6 years ago

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Cave des Chevaliers

Vins des Chevaliers Petite Arvine

This is my first Petite Arvine, and probably might be my only one as I don't know if I'll ever have a chance to return to Switzerland. The wine is spectacular, it's reminiscent of white Rhine varietals somewhere between a GB and Viognier (or a blend of the two). Not overly fat or flabby, but it has a medium bodied weight to it. Predominantly grapefruit notes with a low acidity and a bit of rind on the finish. — 7 years ago