Calatrasi & Micciche

Calatrasi & Micciche

Bella Nova Catarratto-Grillo Blend 2014

Such nature, flavors of joy and summer time. Light, grape, easy. — 3 years ago

Casa Vinicola Calatrasi

Terre di Ginestra Nero D'Avola 2013

Probably one of the better reds I have had in a while. Definitely a great wine with great people. — 4 years ago

Cantine Calatrasi

Terrale Oro Syrah 2013

The boldness of Syrah is tempered by the abundance of red fruits and berries. The nose is full with notes of sweetness although the end is quite dry and clean without any excess of tannins. Very easy to drink. — 5 years ago


La Piazza Delle Venezie Garganega Pinot Grigio 2015

A fruity dry white wine, perfect for a sunny evening and great for then price. — 3 years ago

Cantine Calatrasi

Accademia del Sole Nero D'Avola Syrah

Meyve aromaları baskın tatlı denebilecek bir şarap. Başarılı bir şarap 10 Euro. — 4 years ago

Cantine Calatrasi

Terrale Salento Primitivo

Ripping wine, great cherry fruit and lovely tannins. — 4 years ago

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Calatrasi & Micciche

Terre Siciliane Grillo 2014

So hard to find any Grillo at home but it showed its head in "Eatly" Bologna! Perfect after a day of walking — 4 years ago

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Calatrasi & Micciche

Viognier 2013

Nucleo balanced white with some fruit upfront, creaminess on the finish. — 4 years ago