Blue Toad Hard Cider

Bold Rock

Hard Cider Pear

Hints of the apples from the Blue Ridge and pears. Light and sweet. Refreshing. — 3 years ago

Blue Bee Cider

Aragon 1904 Hard Apple Cider

Out of all of blue bees ciders, this one is my favorite — 6 years ago

Blue Mountain Cider Company

Estate Gravenstein Hard Cider Apple

Erik McLaughlin

Blue Mountain Varietal Series Estate Gravenstein. Delicious alternative to beer or wine. Vibrant and crisp, with pure, fresh apple flavors. Almost completely dry with just a hint of RS to balance the acid profile. — 6 years ago

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Quebrada Del Chucao

Sidra Espumante Sparkling Hard Cider

Have you ever experienced eating a blue cheese stuffed olive in the back car of the J train pulling into Bowery station, as a cider? I can't stop drinking this shit. — 6 years ago

Blue Bee Cider

Hard Apple Cider Charred Ordinary

They say this is their traditional Virginia colonial-era cider. I can't vouch for its historicity, but I can vouch for it being delicious, dry, and high-acid. Reminiscent of Lambic and Sekt. — 8 years ago

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