Bartier Bros

Loosen Bros.

Dr. L Riesling 2018

A refreshing delicious dry Riesling. Paired well with shellfish — 14 days ago

Beringer Bros.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Wine Blend 2017

Dulce, madera,pool night — a month ago

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Bear Bros.

California Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Yup. ALDI find. For sure buy again! — 2 months ago

Weingut Brand

Wilder Satz Pur Müller-Thurgau Blend 2018

Wine 7/12 (White Field Blend)

Nose has straw bales, honey candy, salt toffee, dried lemon peel, minor cider vinegar and quite wilted daffodils.

Palate has salted lemon slice, grapefruit pith, honey, tart yellow apple, sea salt and oh the astonishing acidity with a long finish. Amazing, alive!

Been waiting to get my hands on anything from the Brand bros. for quite some time, would love the rosé, but this German take on Gemischter Satz is also right in my lane! Funk welcomed.

Once again it is notable that I have made one full trip around the Sun earlier this week. We had our small, social bubble team to the house for celebrating my getting older and somewhat less flexible in advancing age...Whatever will be done when I creast 50? Well, at least it's several years until needing manage that concern.

We enjoyed well-salted Ribeyes (Kinderhook Farm - Valatie, NY, prepared 48h in advance), turning to a beautiful medium-rare after a mere 12m of grill time and smashed, small red potatoes with capers (yeah try it, don't judge me yet). None of the bottles were particularly planned as 'steak wines'; we didn't care as it really was a wine nerd-fest of grapes/regions, from Burgenland, Austria to Brittany, France. Wine and food were on individual plateaux today. This was the vom Boden Spring Experience case, expertly curated by Stephen Bitterolf, and well received by our tasting crew.
— 2 months ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Getting older, something everyone has in common.
Pinotman /// Andreas

Pinotman /// Andreas

Strange that they call it wilder Satz instead of gemischter Satz.
Severn Goodwin

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German's, who knows...

Beringer Bros.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Really lovely find, dark cherry flavor with a hint of chocolate and a nice sweetness; really nice to drink. — 21 days ago

Kenneth Doll
with Kenneth
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Kenneth Doll

Kenneth Doll

Really interesting and worth the time to find it.

Leopold Bros

Aperitivo Liqueur

Quinine and key lime. — a month ago

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Dominio del Plata (Susana Balbo)

Susana Balbo Brioso Mendoza Red Blend 2013

No new-ish notes tonight, except that at ~2 years since our prior bottle, the alcohol heat has considerably subsided, also chocolate+fig+cigar box now in the nose. Decanted 3h.
Paired to Allen Bros. tenderloin tails, grilled to a beautiful 130°F (55°C), smashed new potatoes from our garden and local, mid-season sweet corn (it's the best time of the year to enjoy corn).

I now suggest this wine (2013) can hold, in proper storage, until 2028-33 until a very good drinking window.

Prior notes:
45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Malbec, 25% Cabernet Franc & 5% Petit Verdot

Color is deep plum, like totally opaque, but a beautiful semi-translucent blackberry color at the edge of the glass.

Nose is liquor of cassis, some noticable heat from the alcohol (14.5%), plum juice, light oak.
Palate is very smooth, dusty plum, blackberry, blueberry skin, mocha, coffee bean; tannins are still grippy, finish is about 45s.

Generally a very nice bottle, we bought this in March '18, just getting to it tonight finally. Very impressed by this effort, light years ahead of the entry level Balbo wines. We only ever came across this once, $35 was a solid buy, and hands down my favorite Balbo wine to date.
— 2 months ago

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Beringer Bros.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Chardonnay 1878

Buttery and woody, so good — 23 days ago

Jamie Hipsher
with Jamie

Château Treytins

Montagne-St. Émilion Merlot Blend 2011

Just concluded the annual Fall seclusion at our cabin in the Rangeley lakes region of Maine, mobile service up there is mostly non-existent, after several days I am posting again. Notes are somewhat brief, as my focus is relaxing and watching the Common Loons swimming and diving in the cove in front of our camp.

Decanted 6+ hours, no new notes; a fantastic St. Emillion!
Nose has black cherry, ripe red cherry, dark cocoa powder, light barrel toast, plum skin, washed blackberry and crushed blueberry.
Palate has ripe black/red cherry, wet leather, high cacao content chocolate, under-ripe plum, wet clay and trailing hints of dehydrated mint.
Awesome pairing to Allen Bros. USDA Prime beef fillets, three day salt rest and Hickory smoked on the grill to ~130° = Heaven, should you believe in such post-life retirements.
— a month ago

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