Inferno Small Batch Limited Release Red Blend 2013

Whiskey taste, vanilla, tobacco — 11 days ago


Apothic White Winemaker's Blend California White Blend 2017

Nice light white, not too dry, but a spicy note on the summer fruit — a month ago

Green Fin

Red Table Wine 2017

It is only $5 so let it air out a bit before making up your mind. Tastes like my beloved Apothic Dark, but at a fraction of the cost. Trader Joe does everything right, especially this wine. Easy to accidentally drink the whole bottle, but I definitely wouldn’t know that. I’m getting hints of berry, chocolate, and a little bit of battery acid (like I said, it’s $5) — 2 months ago


Brew Limited Release Cold Brew Coffee Infused Red Blend

Smooth and smoky. One of my favo from apothic. Would drink it again.
Lins supermarket srs 106
— 2 months ago


Dark California Red Blend 2015

Lighter dinner red. Burger pairing. Great taste — 2 months ago


Apothic Crush Limited Release California Petite Sirah Pinot Noir

Light. Airy. Kind of fruity. Easy to drink and delightful! — 5 months ago


Winemaker's Blend California Red Blend

Delicious for the price—full bodied and easy to drink — a month ago

Unruly Wine Cellars

Unruly Red California Red Blend 2015

Very drinkable, and a smidge on the sweeter side. Dad seems to like it. Really good comparison to Apothic Red. — a month ago

Tan Peng-hua
with Tan

Apothic Brew

Limited Release Infused with Cold Brew Coffee Red Blend

A rich, vibrant red blend with strong aromas of coffee. At first sip, it felt very rich and strong... almost boozy. But having some sips on a clean palate, it’s quite pleasing. — 2 months ago