California Red Blend 2015

Apothic like but a little dryer. — 3 years ago


Winemaker's Blend California Red Blend

Ugh. The smoothest of the smooth — 4 years ago


Limited Release Rosé Blend 2016

Not a big rose fan as they get watered down and dry. Pleasantly surprised with the big flavor and mellow mouthfeel. Great for a hot summer day. Lots of strawberry. — 5 years ago

Darling Cellars

Chocoholic Pinotage

Very nice pinotage very similar to Apothic from California — 3 years ago


Barbaresco Nebbiolo

Elegant and complex - this wine feels like the girl you want to fall in love with, who you hope loves you back. The sweet, youthful berry is met with earthiness that is deep, and red, but not quite tar - clay maybe, tobacco notes too, Rose and potpourri... This is a bottle of wine that will twist the neck of a new world 'Apothic' wine drinker right around to ponder what sort of 'dried flower petal turned liquid' you brought to the dinner. Dainty, dignified, and deep. — 4 years ago

LM and Anthony liked this


Winemaker's Blend California Red Blend 2015

Favorite easy to drink, go with everything red. — 4 years ago

Unruly Wine Cellars

Red California Red Blend 2015

Very drinkable, and a smidge on the sweeter side. Dad seems to like it. Really good comparison to Apothic Red. — 3 years ago

Tan Peng-hua
with Tan


California Rosé Blend 2017

My favorite rose — 4 years ago


Brew Limited Release Cold Brew Coffee Infused Red Blend

Red blend infused with cold brew coffee. Notes of red fruit and toasted Oak combined with hints of cold brew for a well-balanced blend — 4 years ago