Dark California Red Blend 2017

2015 vintage. Opened on 13th May 2019. Full bodied, dark wine. Fruity with chocolate note. Smooth to palate, tannins is well balanced with a sweetness of berries flavour. The blends gave a unique taste of fruity sweetness. Long finishing. Highly recommended. — 7 days ago


Apothic Crush Limited Release California Petite Sirah Pinot Noir

Light. Airy. Kind of fruity. Easy to drink and delightful! — 2 months ago

Apothic Brew

Limited Release Infused with Cold Brew Coffee Red Blend

Shut the front door! This amalgam of coffee and wine is incredible. Smooth, full bodied, sublime. — 4 months ago

Karalyn Lane
with Karalyn


Inferno Small Batch Limited Release Red Blend 2016

Spicy nose. Vanilla and coconut notes. Definitely taste the maple. Strong and rich. — 4 days ago

1000 Stories

Small Batch Bourbon Barrel Aged California Zinfandel 2016

More full-bodied than the Apothic Inferno and the bourbon barrel influence is not only evident after you take a sip, you can also see it on the inside of the glass! 👍🏻 This wine is my favorite so far in this “bourbon barrel-aged reds”. It’s fabulous! — 4 months ago


Winemaker's Blend California Red Blend

Full robust taste. Perfect as a solo companion for a nights fire. — 4 days ago


Red Blend

Apothic like but a little dryer. — 2 months ago