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Antonopoulos Dry Moschofilero 2018

Date night prevails once again!

Bae loves this wine. It’s got that nostalgia factor for both of us. I tracked it down and picked up two bottles. We’ll have to get a case when we move in to our new place in a August!

Light flowery bouquet like a sakura. Aromatics of lemon peel and bee pollen.

Bae likes it just as much as before. I think since last having this mosch, I’ve had so much wine ha, and actually believe I’ve grown into liking Guwerztraminer, Rieslings, and Chenin Blancs more and so have a wider palate and reference point. It’s still great, just some of that aha! factor has dwindled.

Love the balance of sweetness, ripe mango, lychees, and medium acidity. Missing the bubbles, though.
— a year ago

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Antonopoulos Vineyards

Patras Adoli Ghis White Blend 2016

I don't need a break from all the Assyrtikos in Greece, but....a nice break from all the Assyrtikos in Greece. — 4 years ago

Camille Puglia
with Camille
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Russ W

Russ W

When are you guys going to come see me at 4 charles prime rib? 🤗

Antonopoulos Vineyards

Peloponnisos Moschofilero 2015

Really nice and light but with flavor and body. Dry and very good with salad and cheese — 5 years ago

Theodora PetrakisKatie Anderson
with Theodora and Katie

Antonopoulos Vineyards

Chardonnay 2016

Same ol’ same ol’ at Hippoe Fish sept 2017. Chardonnay. — 3 years ago

Antonopoulos Vineyards

Anax Chardonnay 2016

Great white. Especially when had at hippie fish in mykonos — 4 years ago

Antonopoulos Vineyards

Mantinia Moschofilero 2015

Белое цвета розовой соломы ) — 4 years ago

Antonopoulos Vineyards

Gerontoklima Rematias Vertzami-Cabernet Franc 2010

Direkt aus der Flasche getrunken. Samtig weich, ausgewogen und doch sehr kraftvoll. — 6 years ago

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Antonopoulos Vineyards

Nea Dris Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc 2013

Holy tannins. Huge Cabernet. Reminiscent of Cabernet on the nose but a little more cooked vegetable than green pepper quality and no real cassis or expected non fruits. — 4 years ago

Antonopoulos Vineyards

Arkadia Moschofilero 2013

Had a glass at a beachside restaurant near Patras and it was delicious. Light and complex. — 4 years ago

Antonopoulos Vineyards

Malagouzia 2015

Really crisp and delicious — 5 years ago