Adega De Penalva

Adega de Penalva

Indigena Blend Dão Touriga Nacional Blend 2017

Fairly light, fruity, balanced. Weeknight winner for lighter fare. Delicious for $10. That’s right. 10. — 3 years ago

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Adega de Penalva

Maceration Dão Branco 2020

Jess T

Very easy to drink. Notes of abricot and honey and a slight nuttiness without being sweet. Paired incredibly well with tandoori chicken, raita and a lime and Chili spinach salad. When pared with tandoori, the nuttiness really comes out. — 3 years ago

Adega de Penalva

Dão Vinho Branco

Balanced and mild but good — 3 years ago