Topikos Oinos Lemesos, Pitsilia

Tsiakkas Winery

Yiannoudin Dry Red 2016

Excellent dry red wine, drank in Cyprus — 2 years ago

Tsiakkas Winery

Topikos Oinos Lemesos Xynistéri 2015

Brought over from Cyprus. A rare Xynisteri from Lemesos. Light, crisp, easy-drinking. And cheap. Paid €7 for this nice little bottle with the rabbit on the label. — 4 years ago

Tsiakkas Winery

Vamvakada 2007

Vamvakada is Maratheftiko its pain in the a-s-s to grow since it's not hermaphrodite, although with the proper care and attention, not much oak and time in the bottle (5-6 years) it's amazing..... With deep ruby color, black fruit, soft tannins (granted you aged it) soft spicy character, with a key attribute her sexy and elegant acidity, herbal, leather, mushrooms and hints of truffles.... It's a full body, well structure vino that has a few more years. — 6 years ago

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