Pet Nat

Agnès et René Mosse

Moussamoussettes Rosé Blend

Clean tasty pet nat — 4 months ago

Senator Tommelier
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Nieva York

Pét Nat White Blend

Al Val

Bright and happy surprise, soft apple — 8 months ago

Donkey & Goat

Lily's Pet Nat Anderson Valley Sparkling Chardonnay 2021

2021. Delicious aperitif for dinner with friends. Lemony crisp with a little residual sweetness. — 8 months ago

Paul KrzychBryan FreyAditya Bhagwat
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Field Recordings

Pèt Nat Dry Hop Chardonnay

NV. These are the freshest, dankest hop aromas of the three bottles I’ve enjoyed. My daughter said it smelled like weed (🤔). Paired really well with roasted vegetables and goat cheese stuffed piquillos. — 3 months ago

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Vending Machine Winery

Pét-Nat White Blend

Our OG pet-(g)nat. Still fun and summer slammable. Glad it holds up! Drank in New Orleans. — 6 months ago

Joseph Lewinski
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Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Drink Me Nat Cool Vinho Branco White Blend

Lightly fizzy and opaque, it tastes like a dry cider with a hint of sweetness. I quite like it. — 4 months ago


Pet Nat Cayuga

Fun Central NY Pet Nat at Pinch Chinese. Light, refreshing. — 5 months ago

Stolpman Vineyards

Combe Pet' Nat Ballard Canyon Trousseau 2021

A beautifully balanced nose, with an almost like, Starburst like aroma on one end, currents of florals on the other, and a pale orange color. The bubbles and not overly aggressive, and the palate has amazing balance and energy, with many more rose-like notes, with hints of peach, candied strawberries and silky floral, nectar like textures. Perfect brunch choice! — 6 months ago