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Madrugada Obscura Dark Dawn Stout 2018

Sour stout with 4yr age. Roasted coffee, tart, blueberry, blackberry, balsamic. — a month ago

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Rosa Obscura Red Blend

2018 - good red blend. Full bodied, some tannins but not too much, some berry flavors. Good with pizza, cheese, a burger, anything where you are looking for a slightly lighter red blend. Doesn't need food, but goes well with it. Repeat! — 6 months ago


California Zinfandel 2019

Hubby and I both love this one. (He's not a wine drinker.) — 2 years ago

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California Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Red berries with a hint of sweetness. Pretty delicious, but not an all-day sipper — I don’t feel like I can drink more than a glass in one go #brightcellars — 4 years ago

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Vinous Obscura

Blaü-Ökör Austro-Hungarian 2020

“Kek Bika” on my back label rather than the “Blaü-Ökör” here and on Vinous Obscura’s website, this mystery red nevertheless matches the descriptions in every other respect. It’s strong evidence supporting a thesis I have yet to sell on the wine makers in my family: the tyranny of the French clones is overrated; nature’s mutations are an abundance to be harvested instead of flaws to be weeded out; and the wine market is due for the same sort of revolution that hit eating apples a decade or so ago. This wine is light, acidic, and yet fresh and fruit forward, bringing to mind raspberries, sour cherries, English hedgerow fruits (like gooseberries or elderberries or something that I, being only an occasional visitor, can’t put my finger on) but without being cloying. It finishes with a peppery kick that rivals the best Syrahs. I still have a long way to go to sell my grand thesis, but my skeptical Francophile wife is at least sold on this particular wine. — 4 months ago

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Malbec Paso Robles California

Sweeter than I expected. Very pleasantly surprised. Spice & stone fruit with a smooth finish. — 3 years ago

Vinous Obscura

Apini Columbia Gorge Fiano Sémillon

Nate Wall

Wow, has this thing aged well. This 2018 is drinking fantastically in 2022. Great acid, so this thing can keep on going. But we popped the cork and let it unwind over several hours - and we were rewarded. The white peach continued gaining intensity, the mild tannins mellowed further, and the wine really started showing its many layers. Really lovely. — 4 months ago

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California Pinot Noir

Sara S

Dry, earthy. Nice wine for sipping. Pairs well with something sweeter like a dark chocolate, but can also compliment a Brie. Would compete too much with cheddar or dense flavors. — 9 months ago


California Petite Sirah

I let this decant for 2 hours. High alcohol, tannins softened was it opened up, super dark purple or red, cooked blackberry, tart cherry and red plum, with a lil peppery finish. Pair with grilled veggies or meat — 2 years ago