J. Mourat

Collection Fiefs Vendéens Mareuil Rosé Blend 2021

Like a pleasant fireplace! Would buy — 2 months ago

J. Mourat

Collection Val de Loire Red Blend 2021

Rich mixed berry fruit aromas, soft and light but powerful on the palate with fruit, black peppery tannins, lingering minerals.
Pinot noir, cab franc, negrette, cab sauv.
A good post-half marathon wine 🍷
— 6 months ago

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Château Bellevue La Forêt

Fronton Negrette 2018

A great bottle for the price. Big red with notes of tobacco — 4 years ago

Kenneth Volk

Calleri Vineyard Negrette 2013

Dark with a slightest of rusty-brown edge on the deep maroon center. Hint of funk. Cooked plum fruits and fresh herbal stuff. Flavors are very ‘winey’. Apple- black berry baked dessert with a hint of chocolate mint. Tannins are tongue dry. This has some character. Fleshy. Rustic. Fun. Not sure what the standard for Negrette is, but this is an interesting bottle of unfamiliar wine. — 3 months ago

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Château la Colombière

Les Frontons Flingueurs Negrette

这个属于是非常神奇的自然酒了,会有些不属于其本身的二三类香气,如皮革,甚至会有些老酒特有的荃类香气。在后面还会有些青椒味,浆果味也越发明显,最后也会有花生和芝麻的味道,是会随着时间变化而变化的酒,很棒👍🏻! — 6 months ago

Domaine Saint Nicolas

Le Poiré Negrette

No vintage. This bottle is still a bit closed but lots of potential — 3 years ago

Domaine Le Roc

La Folle Noire d'Ambat Fronton Negrette 2020

After the Sicilian off dry white which I drank only a glass of in disappointment, I decided to open something I knew would make me happy. We are watching Dunkirk while drinking this wine and the contrast between the on-screen drama and the funky liveliness in the glass is stunning!
As usual the nose is a bit funky at fist and takes a good 20 to 30 minutes to set into place. Then it's violet, blueberry, clay, that iron thing too, which I always smell in this cuvée, no matter the vintage. The palate is big, bright and fruity. There are blueberry notes all along, some cherry too. Some width, a nice and soft mouthfeel, some tannins in the rear, and a really nice anf long finish with fruits, some pepper, and a nice tannic layer. There is a subtle savory note too, almost meaty, that makes it more complex than you would have bet at first. Of course this is, as always, a very biased review, but I mean, what's not to like there?
— 4 months ago

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Ferrando Vini

La Torrazza Canavese Rosso Nebbiolo Barbera 2021

The northern Italian red version of a Golden Retriever-the 30% Barbera, I suspect, adds a sunny brightness to the more soulful, young Nebbiolo. Some Negrette too. Vibrant almost cadmium red color. Fresh rose petals offset by that lipstick red fruit. My house red in previous years. — 7 months ago

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Terre Métissée Malbec Blend 2016

Favorite red. Wine & cheese cask $11.99 — 4 years ago