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The General I White Muscadine

Sweet with hints of apple. Highly recommend — a month ago

Lakeridge Winery

Southern Red Muscadine

Sweet red
Very interesting taste
Can not find sugar content
Noble Muscadine grape, black berry flavoyrs
— 9 months ago

Bear Creek Winery

Alaskan Port Blend

This Port-style wine is made from 100% Muscadine grapes, but the winemaker says they were not Alaska-grown. The wholesaler which provided the juice to him could not pinpoint where they were grown. The Muscadine grape is fairly popular in the humid southeastern states.
I’ve had Muscadine wine before - from Alabama - and it was less than spectacular. This wine is actually pretty good. The nose is huge with strawberry and a mercifully faint whiff of Muscadine. The palate is close to great. Alcohol at 17% abv keeps things lively, while the earthy red fruit flavor hits a nice savory note.
— a year ago

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@Randy Fuller Randy I had no idea that anyone was producing wine in Alaska, Wow beer yes and some good ones but I never would have thought Wine.
Stay safe and healthy Cheers 🍷
Randy Fuller

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Cheers, P A and stay healthy!

Domaine Bechtold

Engelberg Alsace Grand Cru Riesling 2017

Fantastic Grand Cru offering esp considering the price. something slightly reductive that blew off leaving a little muscadine on entry and delish bitter orchard fruit on the palate. balancing acidity, lavish mouthfeel. So poundable. — 11 days ago

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Duplin Winery

Magnolia Muscadine

Adored this semi-sweet, light-bodied, fruity blend of wine that beautifully touches the palate and begs for another sip! Great white wine! — a year ago

Lakeridge Winery

Lakeridge Sunblush Muscadine

One of my favorite wines to drink. Perfect after work to relax and unwind. — 3 years ago

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Dennis Vineyards

White Christmas Muscadine Wine

This is our favorite Sweet Muscadine Wine we liked it better than there Winter Wonderland Sweet Muscadine. This wine has a smooth sweet taste and the other one is a more bold sweeter taste. — 9 months ago

Barranco Oscuro

Tres Uves White Blend

Burnt rubber and muscadine vibes on the private roof terrace 😎🥂 — 2 years ago

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Lakeridge Winery

Chablis Muscadine

Another delicious Lakeridge wine! — 3 years ago