Aperitif Cocktail

This is from Rarecat. Viognier/Grenache. With 21 botanicals. Lillet-esc up front and rosemary herbal in the back end. Unique and tasty. — 5 months ago

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Recipe No. 73 White Vermouth

Move over Cocchi and Lillet! This is perhaps the best quinquina vermouth I’ve had. It’s a good aperitif when served up or chilled, but the extra cardamom kick makes it a great cocktail ingredient. It makes a really good Vesper, but try it on a Bijou:
- 1.5oz navy strength gin (I used Krobar from Paso Robles, but Plymouth or Hayman’s should work great)
- 0.75 oz Green Chartreuse
- 0.75 oz ?! no. 73
- olives or cherries
— a year ago