Hatsukame Jouzou

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Kamoshibito Kuheiji Junmai Ginjo

Sake for new year!! — 2 years ago

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Niizawa Jozoten

10 Hakurakusei Junmai Daiginjo Kuranohana Sake

Tsuyoshi Enoki

Hakurakusei High Lebel rice polishing Limited Junmai daiginjo / Niizawa jouzou/ Miyagi prefecture/ Kuranohana/ rice polishing ratio: 10% — 6 years ago

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Tsuyoshi Enoki

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But too high ratio doesn’t have much meaning because of structure of rice. The important thing is to remove rice envelopes for brewing sake clear and beautiful. Ingredients of rice, protein makes sake rich but dirty, and because it is contained at the envelope but core part.
30% ratio is enough to make it clearer.
Brian Boothe

Brian Boothe

Very good analogy. As an F1 fan I completely understand. I am aware that there is a Sake on the market polished down to 1%. Pride plays a major role indeed. I also wondered where the sweet spot (%) was for polishing rice. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insight.
Tsuyoshi Enoki

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I’m glad to have comments and messages.

Akita jouzou

Yukino Bijin Aiyama Akita Komachi Junmaiginjo Hiyaoroshi Sake

キレよくさらりと美味しいー — 7 years ago

Banjou Jouzou Co.

Kuheiji35 Junmai Daiginjo Hyogo 2013

Brewery: #Banjo Jozo
Grade: #Junmai Daiginjo
Rice Variety:
Seimaibuai: 35%
— 7 years ago

Banjou Jouzou Co.

Kamoshibito Kuheiji Hi no Kishi Yamadanishiki 2016

Saba from Obama (Fukui) / This elegant Kuheiji/yamadanishki gift from Labo members. — 5 years ago

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Nakajima Jouzou

Kozaemon Tokubetsu Unpasteurized Junmai Miyamanishiki


綺麗な甘さと爽やかさ、華やかさを兼ね備えたバランスのよい雄町の純米大吟醸 @フランテ approx 2,000 — 7 years ago

Nakajima Jouzou

Kozaemon Junmai Daiginjo

Crisp and super clean — 7 years ago

Banjou Jouzou Co.

Artisin Limited Version Kamoshibito Kuheiji Junmai Daiinjo 2014

Tsuyoshi Enoki

Kamoshibito Kuheiji/ Artisin limited Version/ Banjou jouzou/ Aichi Prefecture/ Yamadanishiki/ junmaidaiginjo/ fruity clear note, juicy acid and comfortable attack. — 8 years ago