Gerd Stepp

Gerd Anselmann

Pfalz Trocken Riesling

I’ll buy this again. — a month ago

Stepp & Gaul

Riesling *S* 2018

Inti C

2018 vintage. Unique Riesling without too sweet - good wine for Saturday night! — 3 years ago

Stepp & Gaul

Trocken Riesling 2017

Nice crisp Riesling with a good minerality and some nice stone fruit/citrus. Enjoyable and more on the dry side — 4 years ago

Stepp & Gaul

G. Stepp Riesling *Sandstone* 2016

I really do love this minerally and dry Riesling. It pairs well with food, but on a hot night, I have just enjoyed it cold by itself. It has the slightest sweetness. Ahhh! — 5 years ago

Gerd Anselmann

Pfalz Dornfelder

Sharmis bday 2022. She loves it. — 2 months ago

Stepp & Gaul

Pinot Blanc 2015

From a Naked Wines “take a chance” shipment. Really good Alsatian style Pfaltz Pinot Blanc. Aromas of slate, petrol and lemon. Flavors of pears, apples and a hint of lemon. Bracing acidity. Excellent! — 4 years ago

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J. Lohr

Flume Crossing Arroyo Seco Sauvignon Blanc

Good. Would get again.
With Michelle & Gerd
— 2 years ago

Gerd Stepp

*Limestone* Pinot Blanc 2016

This refreshing Pinot Blanc is crisp and tart like a dry Riesling, but slightly rounder and fuller of body. The flavors are honeysuckle, lemon, and pear,, with some chalky tannins.
— 5 years ago