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Dropout WInes

Castanho Vineyard Mourvèdre 2015

Originally I passed on this wine, it was offered to me and I thought it was just a cute label. Frankly it’s fitting that the imagery deals with school because I failed that test. Talk about smooth, you could be playing poker with Paul Newman while listening to the Rat Pack wearing a leather jacket like Steve McQueen and you would approach this level of smooth and cool. Hardly to no tannins or overwhelming acid but fresh. Low in alcohol, or at least it tastes like it, but just wonderful warm and inviting fruit without being too jammy or over ripe. A small hint of vanilla and just enough sweet spices to keep things interesting. Smells of deep ruby, almost purple fruit. You know that girl that wears sweats to class everyday and later ends up being a runway model? Tasting this is her email saying she always thought you were cute. — 4 years ago

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Dropout WInes

Andrus Island Vinyard Albarino 2013

Anthony Biagi

Just tasty. Keyes is a god !!! — 8 years ago

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