Domaine Queylus

Domaine Queylus

Tradition Pinot Noir 2021

Pale ruby-garnet color.
Aromas of raspberry, red cherry, cranberry, geranium.
Dry. Flavors of raspberry, sour red cherry, cranberry, floral. Delicate tannins, high acidity.

Intensity: 4/5
Complexity: 2/5
Balance: 5/5
Finish: 5/5
— 2 months ago

Domaine Queylus

Le Grande Réserve Pinot Noir 2013

Some power and grit behind a good expression of Pinot — 7 years ago

Anya Spethmann
with Anya
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Domaine Queylus

Niagara Peninsula Rosé 2018

A Niagara Pinot Noir Rosé that is a pale sunset pink colour. Dry, delightful, pear and wild flower. Enjoyed May 27 - Jun 1, 2020. $23.95. — 4 years ago

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Domaine Queylus

Tradition Cabernet Franc 2015

Peppery but refreshing, medium tannins. — 5 years ago

Domaine Queylus

Réserve du Domaine Niagara Peninsula Pinot Noir 2013

Old world dusty earthy bouquet. Earthy tart burst upfront of dark sour cherries and raspberries. Followed by an earthy mild tannic finish. — 4 years ago

Domaine Queylus

Tradition Niagara Peninsula Chardonnay 2015

Star winemaker Thomas Bachelder, crafts a delicious, easy to drink Chardonnay for Domaine Queylus' Tradition series. Fleshier and more robust than some of its Niagara colleagues, the wine enjoys approachable flavors of corn cakes, roasted apples, and pollen. — 6 years ago

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Terry Hill

Terry Hill

One of the best that i've tasted.